Eye Color:BrownWeight:89 lbs
Hair Color:BrownHeight:5’ 2”
Ethnicity:Caucasian/WhiteBuild:Thin / Fit
Languages:English native. Learning Spanish, French, Chinese.Accents:Some UK, British, Southern/Country, Spanish

Arianna has been deemed teen prodigy and future star. She is an actress, Professional Voiceover actress, Best Selling Author, double author, public motivational speaker, CEO & owner of a business, Teen influencer, IG Live host of Teen Topics & Featured on numerous media outlets.

At age 13, she was titled an Amazon Best Selling author of her sci-fi novel, “False Awakening.” and as an epic crown of achievement, she is in contract with Keith Barrows / 360 Studios / Montalvo Studios to have her book produced into a movie.

Arianna M. Fox is an energetic teen inspiration. Through her acting, inspirational speaking and all her endeavors, she is known across the USA as a little ball of joy and energy.

Her acting skills have a wide, flexible range from comedic, energetic, sarcastic, eccentric to serious and intense, with an increasing ability to cry on que.

In addition, her voiceover roles span from informational, to cute and girly, to energetic vivid characters.

Arianna Fox may come in a small package, but her ideas are as revolutionary as they are wide-reaching. For several years now, Arianna has devoted her life and much of her time to reaching out to others to spread messages of hope, inspiration, and self-confidence. Making a positive impact upon others and helping them rock their lives to maximum potential is part of this upcoming kidpreneur’s goal for her interactions with kids, her fellow tweens, teens, adults, and all.

Academic Studies

Udemy Certification for Killer Presentation
Udemy Certification for Complete Presentation & Public Speaking
Udemy Certification for The Foundations of Fiction – Writing Mastery
Udemy Certification for Bestselling Novel Writing Mastery
Udemy Certification for Public Speaking & Professional Presentation

Recent Credits

Virus Control Squad All Episodes ( Voiceover )
Little T Productions, Mark Tovar